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Mail Shot International blog brings you an up-to-date guide to every angle of Direct Mail for 2020. We breakdown the key questions so that you have the best guidance when making those all important decisions.

Redirect Mail

Redirect Mail

When you move house or business there are a lot of bases to cover. Redirecting your mail however important and helpful it is doesn’t always

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Postbox at Christmas

Mailing on Sunday

Mailing on Sunday is generally a no go. There is little room for error with urgent Royal Mail parcels and certain parcel couriers the only

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Direct Mail & Fulfilment

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is targeting a group of people, in the most direct manner possible. The closer you can appeal to the needs of your audience,

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Maltese cross mailing logo

Maltese Cross mailing

There are many different ways of sending out your message to potential customers using a direct mail campaign, a Maltese Cross mailing is a great innovative

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