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Our dedicated account managers will ensure your direct mail campaign is tailored to your needs. From small mailing runs of 100 to large mail shot volumes of 100,000 plus, our in-house team will make sure we meet your quality and deadline expectations.

We’re passionate about getting the best deal for our customers, which is why we pass our bulk mail discounts back to you to ensure we provide competitive low cost direct mail solutions.

Here at Mail Shot, we’ll print, pack and post your direct mail campaign or you can send us your pre-printed materials and we can take care of the fulfilment and postage for you.


  • Fulfilment of letters, leaflets and brochures into DL, C5 and C4 envelopes.
  • Machine and hand folding
  • Collation
  • Packaging and packing
  • Poly wrapping campaigns
  • Product pick & pack
  • PO. Box management & resposnse handling

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Direct Mail Examples

There are so many things you can do to target your audience. We can do it all, no matter the quantity or destination.

Direct Mail Campaign


Welcome Pack

Brochure / Letter / Envelope

Design, print, address, pack and postage

Direct Mail Fulfilment


Product Launch


Design, pack and postage

Direct Mail Envelopes

Potential Customers

Target Marketing

BRE Envelope

Design, print, pack and postage

Direct Mail for Business



A5 card

Print, pack and postage

Top 5 Direct Mail Questions.


What is Direct Mail?

Direct Mail is a form of marketing that targets a select amount of people who may or may not know who you are.


What is an example of Direct Mail?

An example of Direct Mail would be when you target your customers with a welcome pack after they sign up to your service/product. Made up of a letter, brochure and an envelope.


What are the advantages of Direct Mail?

Direct Mail has a number of advantages. The unique directness of the material gives you more exposure than an email would. Targeting and personalisation can be adapted to suit individual cases. Your campaign has a better chance of going under the radar of your competitors as the material is going straight to the client.


What are the components of a Direct Mail Campaign?

The beauty of a Direct Mail Campaign is that it can be as intricate or simple as you like. You could be sending out a simple letter mail merge to 1000 clients or you could have a multi layered campaign such as a product launch where you will be looking to branch out into a number of marketing materials.


How is a Direct Mail Campaign created?

The components remain the same, no matter the size of the Direct Mail Campaign. A great mail service like Mail Shot International will Design, Print, Pick & Pack, Fulfil and Deliver. With a personal project manager by your side.

The perfect Direct Mail Service...

Mail Shot International is the ultimate direct mail and E-commerce service on the market. We are perfectly located on the edge of London, ready to serve our clients quickly and efficiently.

Our services of Direct Mail, Printing, Picking and Packing, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing mean we have everything you need under one roof.

Our bulk and loyalty discounts mean we look after our customers and utilise our networks to get the best price for you. We use a number of trusted mailing companies to deliver your products with the Royal Mail, Delivery Group and DHL amongst them.

If you would like to enquire about your business needs, simply get in touch with us on 01923 800422 or contact us. Feel free the share our blog posts and explore or social media channels.