What is E-Marketing

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Benefits of E-marketing...

In today’s world many people are turning ‘digital’ in all sense of the world.

Technology is no longer something that is only used at home, but also at the workplace and now is used more than ever as a way of marketing. Email marketing is something that most companies are now investing time and money in, in order to see a return on investment or create general brand awareness for their business.

Low Cost

Setting up email campaigns are extremely low cost as there are no printing or posting costs attached with us, just a simple email and you’re away!

Although larger companies may still need to send out thousands of emails at one time, it would still come out at a lower cost than other more traditional marketing methods.


With E-Marketing you are easily able to target who you send your campaigns to. Often people will have subscribed to your email list meaning that those who have signed up want to receive more information and offers from you, and are therefore more likely to take action once they see your email.

Easy to Contact

Through this form of marketing it’s easy to create simple calls to action, or links to pages on your website to entice people to take your email that one step further. Rather than more traditional forms of marketing whereby you would probably have to dial a number to speak to a member of staff, using email you can simply click on a button to learn more about the specific product or deal you are talking about.


Unlike traditional forms of marketing such as brochures, emails are easier to track. This means you are able to monitor who is opening your emails, responding to them or taking action so next time you can adapt your campaign to be more effective.

Are you looking for E-Marketing software to make your campaign creations even simpler? Here at Mailshot International we offer a software whereby you can contact your customers instantly or schedule a follow up after your postal mail is sent.

Not sure you will be able to manage the campaigns yourself?

We also provide a fully managed E-Marketing direct mail service if you would like us to manage your campaigns.

Get in touch with us today on 01923 800422 or email us info@mailshotinternational.co.uk to discuss your E-Marketing needs further with our team.