What is Fulfilment?

Order Fulfilment

We love to look for enlightenment and to get to that warm fuzzy place… Oh wait a minute that’s the wrong Fulfilment! We will have to leave that for another day!

The type of Fulfilment I am going to be talking to you today about is where a customer has ordered their shiny new product online and the procedures in place from the initial customer purchase to end delivery.


Order fulfillment is defined as the steps involved in receiving, processing and delivering orders to end customers.

A fulfillment service is defined as a third-party company that provides these order fulfillment steps on behalf of another party, such as an online seller.


What is Fulfilment?...

A good example of fulfilment, is when a company such as Mail Shot International takes full control of your companies sales.

The whole process from advertising to order processing to packing to delivering…. everything is included. This gives you the chance to focus on doing what you do best, with less stress and the knowledge that everything is taken care of by an experienced professional.

The sales platforms that are typically used are Ebay, Amazon or an online website shop. You as the company handing over your business sales on these platforms will pay a small fee which will be a tiny investment into what you will get in return.

Fulfilment Examples...

We have customers who range in requirements. Some we take care of the whole ordering to delivery process, others we just pack and send.

Complete Fulfilment Example...

Set up Amazon, eBay or Website shop

List products

Recieve & store products

Process sales

Advertise / Boost listings

Pick & Pack products

Send to customer

Partial Fulfilment Example...

Store products

Recieve orders from you

Pick & Pack products

Send to customer

Your all-in-one Mail Service

Mail Shot International is your ultimate mail service. Everything from Direct UK & International Mail, Printing, Order Fulfilment, Picking, Packing, Digital Marketing and Postage.


Processing sales takes a lot of time, paperwork and money. That is why more and more companies are joining the fulfilment bandwagon. In the modern day where competition is high, margins are tight and deadlines are upon us we need to make the right calls. To outsource your sales is one of them…

Do I want to increase sales yet save time? Because with a fulfilment service by yourside you will truly benefit from the oodles ofsales and space in your days diary.

How can Mail Shot International help?

We can offer bulk discounts on postage, saving you heavily on your campaign.

Our dedicated Pick & Pack page gives you a little food for thought. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.

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