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What is a Mail Shot?

It can be confusing to determine what a Mail Shot is as there are quite a few similar terms branded around, Direct mail, E-shot and Mass mailing. However I am here to help you clarify everything!

A form of communication that is sent on mass to current or prospective customers. The purpose of a Mail Shot is to target customers in the most direct and cost effective way.

With online technology evolving, email communication can be included with the term Mail Shot. (Alternatively named eshot).


  • Highly personalised
  • Direct
  • Easy to manage
  • Solid cost control


  • Particularly easy to manage with analysis available
  • Quick delivery
  • Cost effective

Who can manage Mail Shots for you?

An experienced and evolving mail service like Mail Shot International can help you fulfil you Mailing campaign.

It is important that you use someone you can trust, especially with so much on the line. Potential clientle, GDPR, marketing budget etc.

Mail Shot Examples

  • Postcard – Very popular
  • Letters


  • Newsletter – Monthly
  • Targeted automation email – e.g. All customers within a particular funnel/mailing list are targeted directly.


As mailing campaigns develop it is clear you have a lot of Options at your disposal. With this you have a lot to weigh up. If you go digital it is quicker and more targeted yet sending direct mail to an address is more likely to be read than digital.

Who do you want to deliver your campaign?

No need to look any further...

Mail Shot International is the ultimate direct mail, order fulfilment and E-commerce management service on the market. We are perfectly located on the edge of London, ready to serve our clients quickly and efficiently.

Our services of Direct Mail, Printing, Picking and Packing, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing mean we have everything you need under one roof.

Our bulk and loyalty discounts mean we look after our customers and utilise our networks to get the best price for you. We use a number of trusted mailing companies to deliver your products with the Royal Mail, Delivery Group and DHL amongst them.

If you would like to enquire about your business needs, simply get in touch with us on 01923 800422 or contact us. Feel free the share our blog posts and explore or social media channels.

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