The Best Direct Mail Ideas

You may be looking for inspiration into what type of Direct Mail you can include wihin you Direct Mail Campaign… Well I am going to show you 7 tried and tested  ways you can grab your target audiences attention. Sit back and get your pen and paper handy as we give you some ideas and some food for thought with organising your next Direct Mail Campaign.

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7 Direct Mail Ideas for 2021...


A short fire way to say you are there, waiting to serve. Normally a good way to reach out to clients new and old, reminding them that you are waiting to help them when the time comes.


Direct Mail Postcards

02.Letter Mailing

A uniformed way to contact your clients. This is a good form of contact to announce something like an offer, writing a personal message or something like an invitation. The options are endless.


Magazines are a great way to put together your message in a creative way. Entertainment events are a good example, where they have specific programs for each event. It could be a music, sport or culture event.

04.Brochure / Booklets

A brochure or booklet is a good way to portray your business, event, product or service. Perhaps you are sending out a mail campaign to potential customers and want to create a little booklet that best encompasses your business.

Direct Mail Booklets & Brochures

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05.Sample Mailing

If you want to give your target audience a flavour of what you are all about, sample mailing is a good way to entice those new sales.


06.Maltese Cross Mailing

A different yet visual way to get more engagement from your clients is to send a Maltese Cross. You can create a game, unique message, offer… again the options are endless.

Maltese cross mailing logo

07.Multi Mail

You can put together a Direct Mail Campaign that incorporates a selection of Direct Mail. A good example would be if you send out a welcome pack with a personailsed letter, bussiness brochure and a welcome offer coupon.

Direct Mail Printing

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