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We’ve built strong relationships with postage carriers over the years which ensure our UK & International mailing services always deliver on budget and to your deadlines. We’re passionate about ensuring you get the most competitive UK bulk postage discounts and international mail discounts.

UK Postage
We hold supply contracts with the main postal carriers in the UK to ensure we choose the right solution for your project. The delivery is undertaken by Royal Mail but we provide a significant saving for the same UK mailing serices.

Our domestic postage solutions:

  • Unsorted 1st & 2nd class mail
  • Mail sort discounts
  • Advertising mail discounts
  • Letters / large letters / packages
  • Nationwide courier services

International postage:
We can gaurantee international mail discounts through our experience in sending mail overseas and ability to identify the most cost effective way to send your international mail. We offer wholesale rates for economy or priority mail and work with several providers to obtain the best possible rates.

Our International postage solutions:

  • Economy & priority mail
  • International Zonal Sortation
  • Letters / Flats / Packets
  • International Courier Services

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No need to look any further...

Top 5 International Direct Mail Questions...


What is International Mail?

Internatioanal Mail is simply the process of sending an item to another country but land, air or sea.


What is an example of Direct Mail?

An example of Direct Mail would be when you target your customers with a welcome pack after they sign up to your service/product. Made up of a letter, brochure and an envelope.


What are the advantages of an International mail providor?

Experienced International mail providors have a very expansive and strong network that enables bulk and international discounts to be added to your orders.


What are the components of a Direct Mail Campaign?

The beauty of a Direct Mail Campaign is that it can be as intricate or simple as you like. You could be sending out a simple letter mail merge to 1000 clients or you could have a multi layered campaign such as a product launch where you will be looking to branch out into a number of marketing materials.


How is a Direct Mail Campaign created?

The components remain the same, no matter the size of the Direct Mail Campaign. A great mail service like Mail Shot International will Design, Print, Pick & Pack, Fulfil and Deliver. With a personal project manager by your side.

No need to look any further...

Mail Shot International is the ultimate direct mail and direct marketing service on the market. We are perfectly located on the edge of London, ready to serve our clients quickly and effieciently.

Our services of Direct Mail. International Mail, Printing, Picking and Packing, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing mean we have everything you need under one roof.

Our bulk and loyalty discounts mean we look after our customers and utilize our networks to get the best price for you.

We use a number of trusted mailing companies to deliver your products with the Royal Mail, Delivery Group and DHL amoungst them.

If you would like to enquire about your business needs, simply get in touch with us on 01923 800422 or contact us. Feel free the share our blog posts and explore or social media channels.

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