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How charities can benefit from Direct Mail...

Direct mail is often thought of as an advertising tool for businesses, promoting their brand and getting their service or product out there. Whilst it is incredibly effective in this particular area, there is so much more to direct mail then just that.

In fact, it seems that more and more industries and sectors are realising the power of direct mail, and one of these are charities.

But how and why should charities be using direct mail and what benefit could it have for their fundraising efforts?

A charity is a bit like a business

We may not think of them this way, but a charity is effectively a business. They are run like a business, in the sense that they want to raise money, however, a charity doesn’t keep that money as profit, but instead send it onto the projects that they fund.

Charities will need to establish themselves a brand, make sure that their vision is understood and gain as many donors as possible, all thanks to marketing.

This means that a charity should really approach marketing as a business would, whilst the message may be different, and the end goal different too, the process is much the same!

The benefits of direct mail

One of the biggest benefits of opting for direct mail is that it is a personal take on marketing. A direct mail campaign has a much more humanistic quality then an email marketing campaign. Whether it is with a hand addressed envelope or perhaps the letter being signed off by hand, it is these tiny touches that you can add in to really appeal to your audience, and when getting them on board and trusting in what you do is key, this could prove really vital.

Not only this but direct mail means that you can really target who you send it out too. Perhaps you need to bring in some more donors in a particular area, or your charity is one that does better in certain communities. By sending out direct mail, you can make sure that all of these key demographics are targeted.

The final benefit of direct mail, and one that can possibly make a big difference is the cost. It is no secret that money for charities is always tight, and the budgets set out should be utilised and invested as best they can. Direct mail is a low-cost way to market your charity, and not only can it be incredibly cost effective, but it can also be effective generally, meaning that you can see the maximum return on your investment.

If you are running a charity and you want to make sure that you get the maximum donations possible, then why not try out direct mail marketing? You may be surprised by what you can achieve by posting out some marketing efforts and the money that you can raise!

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