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Why Direct Mail better than E-marketing...

Here at Mail Shot International we still believe that direct mail marketing has a place in the modern world. Whilst it may not offer the technological advancements of email marketing, we feel that direct mail marketing is effective.

To help show you why we think this, we have put together the top reasons why we believe that direct email is better than email marketing.

Who wants a full inbox?

Ask yourself this question, how many emails do you get in a day? How many of those do you read? Chances are that you never read all of the emails that you get, in fact, some of those emails are simply deleted without even being opened.

In these modern times, our inboxes are jam packed with different emails. News, updates, communications, offers, sales anything that you can think of, it can appear in your inbox. This can mean that a marketing email has a good chance of missing the mark. Especially if the recipient only has a clear out every few days, clicking delete all on anything that they haven’t got around to reading yet.

Of course, direct mail has just as much chance of ending up in the bin, but there is also a great chance that these leaflets, flyers and brochures will be read before they head to the bin. Better yet, they are more likely to read on the day, rather than being left for a few days.

It feels more personal

With the virtual world, has come a slightly less personal world. This has meant that customers are starting to value companies that give them a personal approach. So, do it! Take advantage of the personal nature of having post delivered to your home and work this into your marketing campaign.

Not only is direct mail more personal, but it is also less likely to be lost in distraction. When reading an email, it is likely that the person will be checking out Facebook, or reading the news. Whereas when you pick up a letter it is usually the only thing you are focusing on.

There is no spam filter on a letterbox

It isn’t easy (or cheap) to put together an email marketing campaign. Therefore, the last thing you will want is for your money and time to disappear with an email being sent to the spam box.

This is where direct mail comes up roses, there is no filter on a letterbox, meaning that your mail shot will reach its destination and your marketing efforts will be more likely to hit the target.

Want to know more about how direct mail can help your business? Get in touch with us here at Mail Shot International and discuss our mail shot service, to see how it can benefit your business.

No need to look any further...

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