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We can offer you the modern day digital requirements for any budding successful business. From Building a WordPress website to managing the majority of your digital presence.

Website build (WordPress)

Gold – 10+ pages
Silver – 5-10 pages
Bronze – upto 5 pages

SEO management (WordPress)

You could have the best website in the world but if it isnt connected properly to search engines no one will find it. In this modern day this is such an important focal point that you mustn’t underestimate. If you invest in good SEO you will drive traffic to your website and with good content this will equal more conversions, ranging from more enquires, more sales, more newsletter subs and more social likes / followers.

SEO management will include: Connecting your new website to Google with Google my Business & Google Analytics, editing your Google menu, indexing, keyword analysis and meta data website optimisation.

Website optimisation (WordPress)

There are many angles to cover with having a website that is fully optimised. These require constant checking, upgrading and monitoring. This could include loading speed, mixed content, SSL, Security and Image optimisation.

Social Creation / Management

From set up to management to content creation.

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