Christmas tree

When October arrives the prospect of Christmas really hits home. In a rather abrupt sense of realisation you are only a matter of weeks away. Then you enter panic mode knowing you now have a short period to put together that direct mail campaign for the festive period.

The countdown seriously starts from here on in… “Dates for Christmas” ends up getting typed into Google and you end up here!

If you click the following link to the Royal Mails website you will clearly see what the dates are for ALL postage dates for Christmas.

Once you have checked the dates make sure you get in contact with us with your festive campaign specifications and we will be delighted to help you! There isnt anything within the Direct Mail field that we dont do. Whether its Mailing to the UK or Worldwide, Printing, Picking, Packing, Graphic Design or Digital Marketing. We have the whole journey from design to print to delivery covered.


No need to look any further...

Mail Shot International is the ultimate direct mail and direct marketing service on the market. We are perfectly located on the edge of London, ready to serve our clients quickly and effieciently.

Our services of Direct Mail. International Mail, Printing, Picking and Packing, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing mean we have everything you need under one roof.

Our bulk and loyalty discounts mean we look after our customers and utilize our networks to get the best price for you.

We use a number of trusted mailing companies to deliver your products with the Royal Mail, Delivery Group and DHL amoungst them.

If you would like to enquire about your business needs, simply get in touch with us on 01923 800422 or contact us. Feel free the share our blog posts and explore or social media channels.

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