Ten Great Advantages of Direct Mail

In an age when everyone is talking about digital, direct mail might seem old fashioned, but, in reality, it has huge advantages over newer forms of marketing. Indeed, you could say that direct mail is the mother of all marketing: it’s the cornerstone on which digital marketing has been built, and that’s why it will never lose its effectiveness, especially when used as part of an integrated campaign.

Here’s another ten reasons why you should still be using direct mail when it comes to marketing your business:

  1. Professionalism – Most email looks cheap. And because there’s so much it, more of it is spam – which is why your junk mail folder is full of it. Direct mail, on the other hand, exudes class and professionalism. It tells prospective customers that you’re serious about what you do. That’s why it will deliver better results every time compared one-on-one with email.
  2. Personalisation – Never underestimate the power of personalisation. When someone sees their name, or something relating to their interests/lifestyle on a physical mailing, they take notice. Once they do that, they’re more likely to respond.
  3. Precise targeting – Every customer is different – so you need to treat them differently. Whether it’s acquiring new customers, targeting a demographic, or encouraging repeat business, direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to segment and market to specific groups. Which means it’s also ideal way to carry out A/B testing to see what works best.
  4. DM is real – Audiences are much more likely to respond to a physical mailing than a virtual mailing. For the most part, people still like getting things hand-delivered. Everything that comes through the letter box gets looked at. You can’t say that for the email that goes through your junk mail filter.
  5. Creativity – An email is just that – an email – even if you include pretty picture! With direct mail, you can do much more. From postcards to brochure, promo items and discount vouchers, DM allows you be as corporate or as quirky as you want.
  6. Analytics – The real success of any campaign depends on metrics. Just how well did it perform? With that data, you can tailor future campaigns for even better results. With direct mail, doing that is easy. Just count the number of responses for each campaign; for example, the number of coupons redeemed.
  7. Cost-effective – You could be forgiven for believing, that when it comes to marketing, there’s nothing cheaper than email. And you’d probably be right, but it looks cheap too. Study after study shows that when it comes to return on investment direct mail wins hands down, because it simply more effective per target. And the bigger you go, the cheaper it becomes.
  8. Scalable – It’s also very flexible when it comes to size. Direct mail is a great way to ‘test’ a market with a small scale, low cost mailing. If it works, you can then upsize for bigger results.
  9. Trust – Anyone can write an email, which is why few people trust them. Creating a direct mail piece demands investment, both in financial terms and creativity, which is why as a marketing format, it has more credibility for recipients.
  10. Effectiveness – But perhaps the single most important advantage of direct mail is that it works. It tried, tested and proven. Studies have shown that up to 50% of all recipients will scan a DM piece. Which means more will respond!

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