Did you know that Direct Mailing is one of the oldest forms of Marketing?

In fact an example of Direct Mail can be seen in the British Museum and this known piece of marketing dates back to 1000 B.C. whereby an Egyptian landowner was looking for the return of a runaway slave, and wrote down details of a reward he was offering in return for their safe passage back to him on a piece of papyrus.

Of course the invention of the printing machine back in 1440 really boosted things with printed pamphlets being the order of the day for William Caxton.

As technology improved and the machinery got much quicker, and could cope with larger print runs, then catalogues started to be produced in the 18th Century.

In 1882, Aaron Montgomery Ward created his one page catalogue mail order business. Soon after, other people realised the benefits of sending pamphlets, leaflets, catalogues and flyers to others in the mail and the direct mail service was born.

It’s a fascinating story of evolution and success, and a Direct Mailing service still continues to bring rewards to businesses around the UK and the rest of the World.

Direct Mailing works hand in hand with other forms of marketing but still manages to stand out from the crowd with innovative printed ideas that are mailed at a very affordable price for most businesses.

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