It’s a fact, we now live in a world of spam where our inboxes often contain up to 90% or more of unwanted and unsolicited mail and with programs such as Outlook systematically throwing emails straight into the junk folder.

So in this world of spam what is the best way of reaching out to your customers?
The answer is a little less technological and more on the traditional route of direct mail.

Why Opt for a Direct Mail Provider?

Creating a direct mail campaign is easier than you think and to take out all the guesswork and run a successful direct mail campaign it is worthwhile considering employing the services of a direct mail provider who can ensure that you reach customers or clients that are seeking your product or service. Direct mail services can target specific interests and/or geographical areas getting your message out there. And the cost of running a direct mail campaign through a direct mail provider is more affordable than you may think.

Direct Mail Services – New and Old Customers

One of the major benefits of using a direct mail provider is that your direct mail campaigns can all be managed in one place, whether you are targeting new customers or clients or wanting to get your offers sent out to existing customers or clients, by using a direct mail provider you can keep all the data and information in one place making it easily manageable and hassle-free allowing you to get on with other aspects of your business and with peace of mind that your direct mail campaign is being managed efficiently and effectively by your direct mail provider.