As an international mail provider, of course we are going to say we are the very best and that you should use our services, but often when you are choosing the right kind of company to work with, you require a little more information and a little more reassurance too.

Firstly, let us answer the question about our International Mail services:

International mail for businesses can often mean a trip to the post office where you take time away from the business, stand in a queue, and are offered maybe one or two rates, of which you have to choose on the spot, usually with the added pressure of a long queue of people behind you.

Our International Mail Provider Service takes away the hassle, gives you more time to decide and we find the best deal for you, without you having to do any of the research.

We can guarantee International mail discounts through our experience in sending mail overseas and ability to identify the most cost effective way to send your international mail. We offer wholesale rates for Economy or Priority mail and work with several providers to obtain the best possible rates.

More information on our international mail services can be found here:

Why would you use us?

We said earlier that most companies are also looking for a little reassurance and there is nothing better than word of mouth and reviews to help you get a feel for how we work with people, and what their feedback is.

You can connect with us on Twitter and take a look at the comments we have there in the first instance:

You can also connect with us on Facebook, and again please feel free to see the comments that people have added there:

And of course, we have testimonials on our website too ( like the one from Jon Over, the Managing Director of Goldstone Homes Ltd who wrote:

“We were looking to find new land to design and build houses in the West Sussex area and felt that a Direct Mail Campaign would be the best way to do this. Mail Shot International helped us find the best mailing list to fit our needs and designed our complete mailing package. Our mailings have been very successful and we highly recommend Mail Shot International to any business trying to increase their sales. They are reliable, experienced and offer great turnaround times that other mailing companies we spoke with couldn’t offer.”

Hopefully this will answer a few of those burning questions you need to ask before choosing your direct mail provider, but we are happy to take your call if you wish to ask more.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.