At Mail Shot International we offer you the opportunity to take up our product fulfilment and distribution service. This means that we ensure that your products are correctly stored and then distributed to their intended recipient by our in-house team of pickers within our storage facility. This means that we can take care of the delivery of your products whilst you worry about the business side of your campaign.

What is included in this service
This can include the storage and distribution of mail and online orders as well as bulk delivery of products such as stationery and brochures.

How This Helps You
By engaging with this service, we can deal with the physical side of storing and then distributing your products, this means that you can relax knowing that the delivery of your products are being reliably handled. This then leaves you available to focus on other areas of your business that may need more of your attention.

By joining up with this service, it also means that you don’t have to spend extra on costs for storage facilities or employing extra staff. This service also comes with included customer service support and stock control.

If you would like to find out more information about this service and how there is no fixed term, set up fees, no minimum volume and how it allows complete flexibility, then contact us on: 01923 800422 or email: