A successful business is usually based on customers, retaining those customers and keeping new and old ones informed of promotions, new products or services and special offers. There are several methods of keeping both potential and existing customers abreast of your offers, products and services and these include both online and offline promotions.

Online campaigns can include advertising through Google, using social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Email marketing and of course through your company website to name but a few. Offline campaigns can include TV advertising, newspaper adverts and direct mailing. We look at the benefits of the latter, direct mailing and how a direct mail campaign can help your company.

With a direct mail campaign, unlike email marketing, letterboxes do not have a spam folder, so you know that your mail is going to end up in the hands of the targeted customer. With the use of direct mail companies, direct mail campaigns can not only be really effective but also extremely affordable with costs of only a few pence per customer, and with much higher rates of your customers reading your promotion this can produce a much higher conversion that other campaigns such as TV, newspaper and certainly online campaigns.

With a direct mail campaign, you are not sending to “dead addresses” where with an online mail campaign, so many people scrap email addresses, ignore them or simply don’t use them anymore, with direct mail campaigns you know your mail is going to bricks and mortar addresses.

Taking all this into consideration a direct mail campaign could be the most affordable and effective method of getting out your company’s message.

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