Engaging your Clients with Direct Mail

Direct mail services are an ideal way of bringing in new customers and clients, engaging existing clients and customers through targeted direct mail. One of the key advantages of a direct mail campaign is the affordability and the reach to your customer. Whereas it is said that 80% and more emails are deleted or end up in the junk box without being seen, with direct mail services you are guaranteed that your mail will end up in front of your intended audience.

Using a Direct Mail Provider

The beauty of using a direct mail provider who offers direct mail services is that everything is handled for you, this saves you both time and money making this a very efficient form of marketing, and with most direct mail providers they can also provide you with potential customer lists based on your market requirements, of course they can also handle your existing mailing lists and allow you to follow up with existing clients and customers to promote new services, increase sales and make them aware of new products.

Explode your Marketing

One intelligent marketing strategy when using a direct mail service is to opt for postcard marketing, with a postcard format there is no need for it to be opened and the potential customer/client gets to see your message immediately. This is also very cost effective as you are sending a postcard (No need for envelope etc.) and if you have a short message you want to promote, for instance a discount code for your website, this can be the best form of direct mailing. Of course there are other circumstances where postcards will not carry the information you need, (or it may be sensitive.) then the more conventional direct mailing is probably more suited.

Choosing Your Direct Mail Campaign

We recommend that when it comes to choosing a direct mail campaign is to speak with and take the advice of a direct mail services provider who can advise you of the best way forward with your direct mail campaign to ensure that you get the best results for your money invested.