When you are looking for Direct Mailing Companies, what is the first thing you do?

Do you search for “Direct Mailing Companies” on Google?

Do you look for advice through your connections on Social Media?

Do you call a friend?

Most business owners reach for their mouse and start to type in the search bar for the service they are looking for, and no doubt that’s exactly what you have done to find us too.

But what if there was another way?

What if the business owner simply looked up and saw your contact details pinned to the notice board in front of him?

That’s the benefit of Direct Mail through a direct mailing company!

The beauty of direct mail is that so many of us are immersed in the digital world, that when something as unique as a brochure lands on our desk, we take the time to look at it.

In fact, we know that if it is of interest, they will also keep it handy.

Around 70% of business owners think that direct mail is more personal. Just over half of us actually like receiving direct mail, in fact we like it more than receiving emails!

About 60% of us take action on a piece of direct mail, and actually visit their website for more information.

So, next time you grab that mouse to look for a product or service, take a look at your notice board first and see what you pinned there “just in case”, and don’t forget to include direct mail through a professional direct mailing company (like ours) in your marketing budget.