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What is direct mail marketing?

Some people think that direct mail marketing is an old school approach to marketing. However whilst this may be true, it doesn’t mean that it is outdated. In fact, it is still an incredibly useful and effective way to promote your business.

It takes your marketing efforts and sends it directly into your audiences homes. Consequently showing them what you can offer without them even needing to leave the house.

The trouble with direct mail marketing is that not everyone completely understands what it is and what it can do. So, with this blog post we are taking it back to basics. We have created the Mailshot International basics guide to direct mail marketing.

The definition of direct mail marketing

The best place to start when understanding more about direct mail marketing is what it actually is. There are several different definitions that you can find online. However, we think that the simplest and most accurate has to be the one found in the MacMillan English Dictionary:

Advertisements posted to people at home”

MacMillian English Dictionary

Why is direct mail so effective?

The next thing that people may think about direct mail is that it is not as effective as some of the other forms of marketing. It is true that marketing has become a crowded area. However that doesn’t mean that direct mail has been pushed out.

There are a number of reasons why direct mail is still relevant. It is effective because it is one of the most direct ways of getting your message across. Sending it directly through someone’s letterbox. It also offers a great Return of Investment (ROI). That is because it doesn’t cost the Earth to put a campaign together. Also it is able to generate a good level of leads.

Direct mail also has a much more personal feel. After all, most of the time it contains names and addresses. Which makes the customer feel as it is just for them.

You can also easily track and monitor the success of a direct mail marketing campaign, but finding out the response that have been received after sending out the material.

Direct mail is always growing

Rather than sitting stagnant in an ever changing world, direct mail marketing is growing. This means that the definition of what direct mail marketing is can also change. Of course, direct mail will always offer a high level of ROI, but it can also use innovative methods to ensure that it has the maximum impact possible.

The best thing about direct mail has to be that it can work to be exactly what you want it to be. Why not get in touch with us here at Mail Shot International. See if we can help you to create a direct mail marketing campaign that is exactly what your business needs?