As a leading company providing direct mail in the UK, when we meet people, we are often asked “What are the benefits of using direct mailing companies?”, and the next question we are asked is “Why would I use a direct mailing company?”

These frequently asked questions can easily be answered in a few short sentences, but we will expand on this a little for you below. Let’s start with the first question:

What are the benefits of using direct mail companies?

As a business offering products and services, most of us would agree that it is more simple and often more cost effective to let the professionals do what they do and then we can focus on our own business.

This is no different with Direct Mail.

Using a company who has many years of Direct Mailing experience, we know what works by industry sector and can give advice and guidance on the perfect mailshot for your business.

Using a Direct Mailing company means that they handle everything, from start to finish:

– Advice and guidance

– Design

– Print

– Database

– Mail

– Returned mail

Why would I use a direct mailing company?

Because we handle everything from start to finish, we take away the pain associated with Direct Mail Shots. No more envelope stuffing in the office, no more frustrated employees when the label printing runs out of ink, and the printer gets jammed for the umpteenth time, no more handwriting envelopes, no more design faux pas and spelling errors that you only spot when the item has been sent.

In addition to this, because we never forget to add our own return address, we manage the returned mail and update your database accordingly, saving you all that valuable time to run your own business and handle all the new enquiries that arrive as a result of our hard work on your behalf.

So the question should not be “Why would I use a direct mailing company?”, but should be “Why would I NOT use Mailshot International as my Direct Mailing company!”

We look forward to hearing from you.