Using a direct mail company will make it easier for you to get postage discounts on your next direct mail campaign and will save thousands.

There are a wide range of postage discounts available from Royal Mail and other DSA providers such as TNT, Secured Mail and Citi Post.

These postage discounts are offered because Mail shot International will do some of the mail sortation work on Royal Mail’s behalf, and present the mail to Royal Mail already sorted into postal areas. The discount of the mail will far outweigh the small charges for sorting your mail.

The postage discounts that are available range depending on the format of your mailer (DL, C5 or C4), the weight of the mailer and the delivery speed which you would like to post with (1st, 2nd or economy postage).

To take advantage of these discounts you must send a minimum of 4,000 letters in one mailing to be eligible for these discounts.

There are also postage discounts available for the content of your mail. Newsletters and general communications are known as ‘business mail’ but if you are sending letters, flyers, postcards etc. that have an offer or selling a product or service this is know as ‘advertising mail’ and if you are sending 4,000 + items there are significant discounts available.

We can review your current processes and show you were you could be saving money and get the best possible postage discounts.

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