How to address your mail (Clear addressing)

These guidelines show the best way to address your mail for fast delivery in the UK and abroad.

Write the address clearly on the front of the mailing envelope following our clear addressing guide lines and always include a postcode when you can. If you don’t know the post code or want to double check, you can search for up to 50 postcodes or addresses, free of charge, with the Royal Mail Postcode Finder.

Before sending your item, please check our prohibited and restricted information and Country guides to make sure your item can be sent in the mail.

Address your mail item

  • The name and address go on the bottom left corner of the front of the envelope or parcel.
  • Use a clear and easy to read hand writing (or font if you are printing the address).
  • Use a pen or ink that is clear against the colour of the envelope or parcel.
  • Left align the text (no centred or ‘stepped’ lines).
  • No commas or full stops.
  • Leave a generous margin around the address.
  • Place the correct postage on the top right.

Mail Shot International can check the layout of your addressed letters before posting to make sure they are delivered on time.

Our in-house mailing services include printing clear mailing labels to comply with these points for your letter or postcard direct mail campaigns. For larger campaigns we can inkjet the address direct on to your envelopes.

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