Advertising Mail is a Royal Mail Wholesale service that provides customers with the opportunity to benefit from lower prices for existing Access letter and large letter services.

To achieve lower prices the contents of Advertising Mail items must meet the required specification. Eligible items are limited to addressed Direct Mail Mailing Items comprising a largely uniform message with the purpose of promoting the sale or use of products or services or to encourage, contribute to or support a cause.


Customers are required to certify in writing that any letter or large letter items posted as Advertising Mail will conform to the specification for the service. For each posting, customers will also be required to provide Royal Mail with a sample of the Mailing Item to be used prior to posting or include Royal Mail as a seed in the Posting to verify conformance to the Advertising Mail specification.

The sample/seed must be an exact reproduction of the Mailing Items posted in terms of both envelopes used and contents enclosed for each Advertising Mail Posting.


  • Letter or Large Letter format
  • Minimum 4,000 items

Address lists for each Advertising Mail posting must be run against MPS and MPS deceased suppression files 30 days or less before the mailing item that uses the data is delivered to the recipient.

An internal suppression file must be kept and maintained to ensure opt-outs are properly logged, and each campaign must be run against these files 30 days or less before the posting is prepared.

Advertising Mail postings must have at least 90% of mailing items fully and accurately addressed and postcoded in accordance with Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF).

For more information on advertising mail please visit the Royal Mail website here.


  • A credit card company, store or retailer sending an offer of a new credit card
  • A charity or society sending a reminder mailing to take out or renew the subscription
  • A mail order company sending its new or seasonal catalogue to an existing customer base.
  • A travel company sending a holiday discount code to a customer who has previously used their services, or to a prospective customer to encourage purchase.

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