There are several ways of sending out your message using a direct mail campaign, postcard mailing  is one of the most efficient.

Over the next few weeks we will be taking a look into each type and give you the benefits to help you choose which suits your direct mail campaign the best. This week we will be looking at sending a postcard mail shot.

Postcards have been used for marketing for many years and are a cheap and effective way of advertising your product or service to B2B and B2C audiences.

Tips for you postcard mailing

Make your Direct Mail piece stand out from the pile of mail you receive by using bright colours and eye-catching images. Using our in house designer we can create something special for you.

After you’ve grabbed the attention of the recipient with your bright colours and images you need to keep them engaged with the content of the postcard mailing. Give them an offer like “20% off” or “Free gift with your fist order” everybody likes to get a good deal and our recent studies show that a direct mail piece with an offer on the front page will have a better ROI than one without.

Make sure your postcard is printed on a heavy stock of paper. We recommend 300gsm as a minimum. You don’t want your card to be crumpled and creased en route to your customer and spoil that first impression.

Remember your postcard may go through a long journey, in and out of several mail socks before it hits the doormats. click here for more information on our printing services.

Benefits of sending postcard mailing for your direct mail campaign

Unlike other forms of direct mail, postcard mailings aren’t hidden within an envelope or packet. This allows the recipient to clearly see your offer while sorting through their day’s mail. Because no additional steps are required, your postcard makes an immediate impression.

Another benefit of using a postcard mailing for your direct mail piece is the cost. You will not need to pay for an envelope or any fulfillment charges, just the cost to print the postcard and to Personalise it which can be as little as £60 per thousand based on an A6 postcard printed on 300gsm silk.

There is a great benefit to the environment in using a postcard as you will not require the use of an envelope which usually gets throw straight in the bin as soon as it has been opened.

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